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Meeting Elaine Presley five years ago today

I had the distinct pleasure and privilege of meeting Elaine Presley five years ago today, as she arrived in St. Louis, via NYC, from England. It has been the most remarkable journey for us in fun friendship and dedicated productivity…


It's been a long journey coming home

Laine Presley is a true hero. Since I first met her and talked with her I was so impressed by her humility, her intelligence, multi-talented success.. and her kindness. Laine's desire to help others was always one of her major…

When I met Elaine Presley

" When I met Elaine Presley it was quite an amazing experience, something happened when I encountered her presence for the first time. When I met her face to face for the first time, I started to step back and…

The Amazing Presence of Elvis

It was an honour to meet you! To those wondering I have never felt the amazing presence of Elvis like I did when Elaine stood next to me... and I met her for the first time this week.

She’s an…

Amazing Artist

I highly recommend my friend Elaine Presley, and The Presley Foundation. Her Great Foundation pays it forward in a very professional manner from the heart.,and supports many great causes worldwide. Elaine is an Amazing Artist, and a SuperTalent that is…

She's an Earth Angel

She's an Earth Angel... with a genuine heart of animal lover... and she is making a guest appearance...performing at my first World Peace For Animals CD Release Concert Benefit in honor of Harambe-Gorilla shot and killed in zoo while…

Talented musician!

I met Elaine at ISIS music theatre in NC at a concert we did, she is a really nice person and talented musician!


Stan Williams

Genuine Godgiven child

 I have had the privilege of knowing Elaine Presley for the last seven years. And, I am deeply disturbed over some of the distorted, illogical things that have been said about the fabricated idea that Elaine has emerged as the…

King's father "Elvis

The love of others, the love of his family, the love for his King's father "Elvis" ... His fidelity, his fraternity, his empathy, his generosity, his listening..and much more!

Philippe Nizza

Wonderful person

How could you not like her she is a wonderful person and my Dear Cousin.


Billy Joe Gross