All these years

After all these years watching you continue to strive for excellence I just wanted to remind you of how amazing you are and the positive energy you share with others in many areas of the entertainment industries. Wishing you always…


Regarding your single... 

Regarding your single... 

Both Greg and I enjoyed listening to it.  It certainly beats the music 
that Rage has on ABC Australia. 


Meeting Elaine Presley five years ago today

I had the distinct pleasure and privilege of meeting Elaine Presley five years ago today, as she arrived in St. Louis, via NYC, from England. It has been the most remarkable journey for us in fun friendship and dedicated productivity…


It's been a long journey coming home

Laine Presley is a true hero. Since I first met her and talked with her I was so impressed by her humility, her intelligence, multi-talented success.. and her kindness. Laine's desire to help others was always one of her major…


I'm happy to write you

 Dear Mrs Elaine,

How are you and your wonderful family doing today? Hope you all are doing great.

I'm Emmanuel Ekeocha by name and I've been looking for a way to get connected with you, as God may have it…

Quite Haunting

Excellent performance, quite haunting, with hope too.Best wishes


J.D Sage - Singer/Songwriter


Beautiful Sound

Elaine, I have enjoyed your song. It is very heartfelt. Beautiful sound.

Love Crystal.

Very Beautiful,

Very beautiful, song brings back remember of being in church as a child.


Juanita Smith

I am Captivated by this Song

I am captivated by this song, Scared Little Child, by the amazing Elaine Elizabeth Presley. Her song is wrapped in regret and pain but goes straight to and through our hearts and souls! Lainie, this is a song that pulls…


Heartfelt Lyrics and Soothing Vocals

Heartfelt lyrics and soothing vocals by Elaine Presley, angelic backup vocals by Elizabeth Ertel, powerful production that gets right to my heart! A MASTERPIECE of a song in every way! Listened to each vocal, every instrument, and can’t get this…

When I met Elaine Presley

" When I met Elaine Presley it was quite an amazing experience, something happened when I encountered her presence for the first time. When I met her face to face for the first time, I started to step back and…