3 Reasons to Get Involved With the Elaine Presley Wish Foundatio

If you’re looking for a great cause to support, either through donations, sponsorships, or special events, consider getting involved with the Elaine Presley Wish Foundation. It’s the charitable endeavor of professional vocalist Elaine Elizabeth Presley of Graceland® in Memphis, TN. The foundation helps grant wishes for children, adults, or even pets. Here are just a few of the reasons you should participate. 

Why You Should Get Involved With the Elaine Presley Wish Foundation 

1. Help Those Who Need It Most 

The Elaine Presley Wish Foundation is dedicated to granting wishes for those in need, including sick or underprivileged individuals, regardless of their age or history. By making a donation or attending one of the foundation’s events, you’re providing valuable resources that will be used to make dreams come true.

2. Reach an Audience for Your Business 

The Elaine Presley Wish Foundation also offers sponsorship opportunities that can help you gain more customers for your business. By becoming a sponsor, you’ll increase your visibility at local events and online. The foundation provides signage and space on its website promoting the companies that have provided financial assistance. Not only does this ensure you are advertised on a prominent website, but it also positions your business as a company that supports great causes in the community. 

3. Connect With the Local Community 

The foundation also hosts select events throughout the community. By getting involved, either as a business sponsor or as an individual who wants to give back, you can potentially connect with other people with similar interests around Graceland and Memphis. This can help you make important contacts or even just grow your own personal network. 

If you’re interested in getting involved with the Elaine Presley Wish Foundation, you can visit the website to learn about their upcoming events or make a donation. In addition to the foundation, Elaine Elizabeth Presley is a songwriter and entertainer who performs at events around Memphis and Graceland. You can call (901) 653 7128 to learn more or book a performance for an upcoming event.

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