A Brief Guide to the History of Graceland

Each year, tourists flock from all over the world to Memphis, TN, to see Graceland®. The sprawling mansion, set on a 13.8-acre estate, was the long-time home of influential entertainer Elvis Presley. If you plan on visiting the home-turned-museum, below is more about its history to make the trip more enjoyable. 

A Brief Guide to Graceland 

From Farmland to Second-Most-Visited Home in America 

The Colonial Revival mansion that rests on Elvis Presley Boulevard was built in 1939 as the home of local commercial printing firm owner Stephen C. Toof. The surrounding property was named after his daughter, Grace. 

After a few TV stints, Elvis Presley’s popularity skyrocketed early in his singing career. By 1957, throngs of fans and journalists were constantly stationed outside of his home at 1034 Audubon Drive, eventually annoying his neighbors. To remedy the situation, he gave his parents a $100,000 budget to purchase a farmhouse on the outskirts of town—and from there, they chose Graceland. 

Elvis went to live there with family members and various staff, adding more buildings to the estate, until his death in 1977. He died at his home of a heart attack. His coffin was on view to 3,500 mourners in the foyer. The estate has been open to the public since 1982 and currently reigns as the second-most-visited home in America after the White House. 

What to Expect on a Tour 

A visit to Graceland is an all-immersive experience, with themed restaurants, shops, accommodations, and museum displays of cars, clothing, and additional items owned by the musician. A tour of the mansion includes his parents’ bedroom, the living room, kitchen, den, pool room, Jungle Room, his father’s office, the Trophy Building, the Racquetball Building, and the Meditation Garden. 

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