Description of the biography, “Kid of the King" 


Grab a good seat and hold on tight with all your might, as you, the avid reader sets sail on the big ride of the incredible life of Elaine Elizabeth Presley. Dramatically compelling…totally intriguing…emotionally stimulating… 

Elaine Elizabeth Presley. Who is she? Where does she come from? How was she lost? How was she found??? 

As this amazing biography unfolds, you will become immersed in the progressive, life transforming events that transpire…all living out and encompassing the real life history of this truly unique individual. 

In introduction, the story initiates jumping forward to 2013 in Wales on the momentous day when Elaine experiences the ultimate truth in all of its transfixing illumination and joyous understanding. She knows who her father is! From there, the story revolves, and you will be taken back in time to the very beginning… 

Elaine was actually born as a boy, David. And, his life started in Essex, England in 1959. From the start, he always felt that he did not belong in the family that he was brought up in, and he also had a strong sense that he was not truly the “boy” that he appeared to be. 

You will travel with David back and forth between England and America as he goes through his wild adventures, diverse relationships, unusual experiences and painful adversities. You will see how his life journey plays out on a complex and daunting chart marked with steep, bumpy roads, high looming hills and sharp turning curves that perpetually present him with confounding challenges. And, you will find him facing these obstacles over and over with steady fortitude and incessant courage, while embracing his good times and great friendships. 

You will ache for him, and you will celebrate with him. You will become amazed at how he perseveres and gets through…whether it be finding his way down a treacherous path or turning setbacks into successes. 

Through it all, you will be drawn by the underlying fact that David had felt lost for such a long time. In this heavy void, he had no confidence whatsoever. But, in the devastation of feeling lost, he never lost his faith and hope. He never stopped searching. Securely within him and also surrounding him, he knew that there was a dominant and meaningful truth that was longing to burst outward and onward. And, no matter what, he was determined and dedicated to find it! 

David’s devoted spirit and perseverance lead him to profound reality and enlightening discovery: 

He is really a girl. After so long feeling trapped inside a boy’s body, David knew that “she” was there, deep down inside, and he found her. 

She then followed her natural instinct combined with the subtle yet powerful signs that had unveiled throughout life and realized that she was indeed the offspring of a very wonderful man…Elvis Presley. 

Elaine Elizabeth Presley found her real self, and she found her real dad. 

She is the kid of the king.

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