Elvis Presley History - A Moment in Time...


I will be representing our fathers history moment, 12th April at the St. Louis University 3pm

On Sunday, 28 October 1956, as some 55 million Americans watched Ed Sullivan's popular television variety show, wme, namely the gospel song "Peace in the Valley". By the end of 1957, these contributions, distributed by the Geneva-based International Red Cross as food rations, clothing, and other essentials, had amounted to some SFR 26 million (US$6 million in 1957 dollars), the equivalent of $50,600,000 in today's dollars.[194] On 1 March 2011, István Tarlós, the Mayor of Budapest, made Presley an honorary citizen, posthumously, and a plaza located at the intersection of two of the city's most important avenues was named after Presley, as a gesture of gratitude.

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