Genuine Godgiven child

 I have had the privilege of knowing Elaine Presley for the last seven years. And, I am deeply disturbed over some of the distorted, illogical things that have been said about the fabricated idea that Elaine has emerged as the daughter of Elvis Presley for the benefit of either money or fame. I can assure you firstly that, as a dear friend who knows her extremely well and who has co-written the story of her true life, that Elaine is without a doubt this real, genuine Godgiven child. 

And, I know that she is just plain too proud to admit to her fans herself about all the unbearable emotional, financial and legal hardship that she has endured. There is absolutely no question in my mind that Elaine, in dealing with her anguish and suffering, consistently deals with all of her challenges with considerable resilience and perseverance, not to mention how much she gives her unfailing compassion for the needs of others, even when she has less herself. 

I am constantly impressed with Elaine’s proud, undying love and commitment to her father’s legacy, at all costs.


Irene Leland

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