It's been a long journey coming home

Laine Presley is a true hero. Since I first met her and talked with her I was so impressed by her humility, her intelligence, multi-talented success.. and her kindness. Laine's desire to help others was always one of her major goals- and that goal hasn't changed and it never will. 

It's been a long journey coming home..many trials and tribulations but now the sweet taste of victory. DNA VERIFIES THIS FACT. I can hardly wait to read her book-"KID OF THE KING"I know it will inspire us all -because Laine is truly an inspiring person. For now, however, her exciting new plan-  to bring together and unite family, friends, and fans together- is so necessary in this troubled world and, just like Laine- it will be lots of fun! We ALL welcome you home dear friend!

Nelson Hower

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