Princes and Princesses Children’s Teddy Bear Program

It was one beautiful Christmas Eve in 2016 at Graceland. I had just finished having dinner with my friend, Julian of Capitol Records, when I heard this call from across the room at the Graceland Guest House Hotel. “Hey, Elaine, come on over and talk to us!” I looked at Julian, and he looked at me. I smiled and said “Just go with the flow…” 

It was a family from the UK, my fans. The first thing the gentleman, Michael said to me was, “Are you okay, Elaine? How are you within yourself?” This was a lovely comment that moved me. I replied, “I am doing fine. How are you?” They were all doing well too. 

They insisted that I sing them a song. So, I sang, “I Can’t Stop Loving You”, which was good because Julian later said that it was jaw dropping. He was so impressed that he gave me an open invitation at Capitol Records anytime. He even suggested that he would come down from California with his crew to record me in the Jungle Room…maybe on the following Christmas. 

( This has not happened yet because my sister, Lisa Marie has been recording, and I do not want to step on my sister’s toes. ) 

The following morning, I bumped into the same couple when they were getting ready to leave the guest house. I had time to get to know them a little bit better. Firstly, I could not get out of my mind the remark that Michael asked me about if I was alright, and I thanked him for caring so much. 

It turned out to be a great fan photo opportunity, and I had the delight to meet their little girls. One was about two years old and had previously had some kind of brain surgery. I received permission to have her sit on my knee for which she had the biggest smile that lit up the room! Then it became time for me to make my exit. I never had the chance to do something that I regret to this day….to give that precious little girl a teddy bear. 

This has played on my mind over the last two years, and it was the basis of my designing my latest charitable program for the Elaine Presley Foundation at Graceland, called “Princes and Princesses Children’s Teddy Bear Program”. The program works like this: Every child from birth to nine years old who is unwell, living with a major illness, who visits Graceland from the start of this program on December 24, 2018, Will be eligible with a valid Graceland ticket to receive an Elaine Presley Foundation teddy bear. 

Note: I wish to one day have a special limousine at Graceland to take ill children for a special ride around Memphis as part of their visit to Graceland. 

The application, terms and conditions, and how to receive a teddy bear, will be available at the beginning of this program at Dec 24th 2018

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