When I met Elaine Presley

" When I met Elaine Presley it was quite an amazing experience, something happened when I encountered her presence for the first time. When I met her face to face for the first time, I started to step back and I felt the presence of ELVIS nearby as that I knew was coming directly from Elaine Presley! I told her I couldn’t believe it but I felt that Elvis was there and it was so real. Although I did not see Elvis personally or hear him (on that day) I just knew he was nearby standing by us. She is truly a direct link to Elvis. I have seen her official documents and DNA. She has one of a kind and a great blessing from God!  Aaron Pacentine alongside his company Family Films Productions wholeheartedly endorses her as being the oldest daughter and sister to Lisa Marie Presley, Mother, Priscilla Presley. Last but not least - daughter to the King of Rock & Roll...Elvis Presley of Graceland! "

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