Elaine Elizabeth "Liz" Presley is an amazing lady with a heart of gold! She is a humanitarian dedicating her life to helping others. She works very hard at Graceland in Tennessee and runs the "Presley Foundation" to give tours to sick children and their parents, granting their wishes to visit Graceland! Also for the elderly, arranging for a coach to pick them up and take them to Graceland, will give them the experience and ambiance of her amazing father as well as Elvis's life at Graceland. Don't forget her love for animals, and yes, the foundation supports the protection of animals too. 

Liz is a very positive lady but has not had an easy path regardless of what life has thrown at her. She picks herself back up and dusts herself back down, and keeps going. Liz is also an accomplished author who has written two books recently. One being "Kid of the King" available on Amazon, and the other being a children's book entitled: "My Mother is a Princess". Liz has followed in her father's footsteps and is also a Singer/Songwriter. She even dances and has vocal similarities to her father. Liz has signed on to United Masters and Songtradr as a music artist, who recently raised over 50 million dollars for their artist platform. Meaning, expect some quality music out of her and the aim for maybe even a hit record or two, because in addition, Abbey Road also works with Liz, and they produced some of the household named artists you listen to every day. 

Liz has achieved so much in her life and continues to shine bright knowing her dad watches over her from up above, supporting and guiding Liz on her path! Liz works very hard at Graceland to support and organize events! I know her family is very proud of her and I am blessed that she is my angel friend! She has many plans for the future including doing tours, movies, music videos, and writing more books. Also, a movie about her life is in the works. It would be a dream come true for Liz to be acknowledged for all the work she does and the support she gives to charities. She certainly is a blessing to the world, spreading kindness and love and encouraging others to follow their dreams and never give up!




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